Jana_sweater_1I call beautiful Eastern Washington home. My husband and I enjoy living in the country with our various four-legged children. I am blessed with a man that understands my obsession with the written word and always reads anything I write.

I enjoyed a unique childhood as an ‘Army brat’ exploring castle ruins in Germany while acting out the stories in my head with the help of my two younger brothers. The wilds of Washington have served as my home since my teens. I love exploring the wilderness with my husband by horseback.

My stories are born in dreams of faraway places, passion and faith — I started writing at a young age my youthful characters filling page after page of a well-worn spiral notebook; now my characters are maturing finding themselves etched in type and discovering love and compassion — war and hate — life and death.

I am excited to bring you into my worlds this next year with the release of my first novel — Verndari: Sojourn. This book was a journey…both fictionally and in reality.


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  1. EPS

    It’s nice to meet you, buddy! And Thanks for following my blog!
    I’m writing from Vietnam.

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