Dusting off the Blog…where does the time go!


I can’t believe it has been more than 3 years since my last post! Life has taken a bit of a left turn, followed by a quick right, but through it all things have gone well and taken me to wonderful places.
I’m dusting off the blog as it looks like I will actually be completing my first novel this next year and I’ve started my own marketing & design company, which is in the the process of running its first book launch tour for a local author!

I’ll get back to the Book of the Week soon…there are too many books to recommend after a three year break, but I’ll do my best to start bringing them to light!

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Choice or illusion? Which do you believe?

bookcover_smallerI read the original release of Choices many years ago, but when the revised edition was announced I didn’t hesitate in agreeing to review the updated and expanded version. This book was an eye opener for me then, and it continues to expand my knowledge of mind and choice in a way no other book has. Eldon Taylor explains the mind through research and understandable explanations then systematically reveals how the choices we make everyday have been highjacked by life, the media, our peers and everything in between.

He doesn’t just point out how we’ve been stripped of our choices, but he teaches powerful ways we can take back our choices, our lives.

The power of belief can be very deceptive. Think about the last time you made a choice? Was it truly your own? Let me illustrate it this way. I remember as a child choosing between a Snickers or a York Peppermint patty whenever I was given the option to buy candy. But as I matured I realize that I wasn’t making a choice for me. My Dad loved snickers and my Mom loved York peppermint. Neither were my favorites, I was only choosing what I knew. Now I enjoy both, but my favorite candy bar is simply a dark chocolate bar. While this example is very simple, think about the analogy on the grander scale? Politics, prejudices, beliefs? Do you vote because of what you truly believe or because of what you were taught/hear on the radio?

Our entire life is based in choices. I for one have started to be more aware of what may influence my decision before I make one.

Here is the book trailer that does a wonderful job of illustrating the book’s premise:

This revised edition also comes with his InnerTalk CD, Personal Power, which I find very pleasant to listen to and can’t wait to see what doors begin to unlock for me.

More about the book at the promotional site!
Or get your copy today!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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The end?

amiya2I only have two more chapters to finish editing/re-writing! But…I am having the hardest time with them! The original ending packs all the emotion into the last two pages. The new ending builds up the emotion over the last four chapters and ends with the same events, but I hope that the reader will be more invested in the outcome with the revisions.

I am very excited to finally finish the re-write. Yet, at the same time I am dreading “the end.” What if I didn’t add enough emotion or too much? Should I go back over it one more time? The biggest favor my new publisher did for me is to give me a deadline! I have to hand over the manuscript to them on November 1st. Then it is out of my hands except to proof and promote. Yay! Augh!

Be sure to like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/JRWolfeAuthor – you’ll find little extra’s about the book and special updates including quotes from the book! You’ll want to make sure to follow the blog too…sneak peak of the 1st Chapter comes out in December!

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Book of the Week- Born by Tara Brown

Born_tarabrownI downloaded Born by Tara Brown while it was available as a free Kindle download. I am not a big fan of post-apocalyptic books. But honestly, the cover drew me in. So I took a chance.

I was impressed by the unique storyline and strong characters. Emma is independent and forged by the worst circumstances possible, yet as she develops as a character she begins to explore a deeply compassionate side of her personality that she didn’t know existed. This compassion draws her from a seemly protected life she’s created into danger and vile situations. The depth of humanity’s cruelty isn’t sugar coated as Emma is captured by the “Breeding Farm,” and it is revealed that only the worst of human nature seems to have survived the apocalypse.

The book felt a little “Twilight-ish” in the back and forth between Emma and the two main male characters, but I applaud Tara Brown for her ability to stand by her strong female character. Emma may find both men attractive, but when one shows possession laced with abuse tendencies, Emma stands up for herself and doesn’t given into the overly protective, domineering love interest.

I will be reading the sequel to Born…I have to know what happens to Emma!

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Long Journey


Two years ago I typed the last word on my rough draft. Took a deep sigh of completion and started re-writing. During that time I started searching for the “perfect Amiya.” I wanted to have a face that people could relate to and bring the character to life. It was hard! I searched through photo database page by page only finding model type women that didn’t have the emotional strength I was looking for. So I quit looking and didn’t think of it again until about a month ago. One of my favorite authors was releasing a new book and I loved her character art on Facebook and bookmarks. I started to search again…and I found “her!”

While I have always had an image of what Amiya looked like I love being able to share my image with everyone who will read the book.

PS- Be sure to follow the blog…I’ll be releasing the 1st Chapter in December to anyone who’s a follower!

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Progress. It is a strange feeling to realize that you’ve progressed without even realizing it fully. For example I designed the cover on the left last year (spring 2012) and was thrilled with the results. I was ready to publish that moment with Verndari-Destiny and my beautiful green flame cover.

Fast forward almost a year and a half. I’ve been in a constant state of re-writing with my editor’s help and can’t seem to stay happy with the cover design. I keep researching the best-selling fantasy books and cover design websites. Each time I look back at cover 1 and cover 2…something was missing.

Cover 3 came about this evening. I’m not sure it will stay as it is, but I found it unique how much progression there was between 1 and 3. I can only hope the story has undergone as much transformation!

I am so excited to be planning the print book alongside the eBook!!

Until next time,



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When life takes over.


I’ve had to make a hard decision, but I promise it is for the best. Verndari-Destiny’s release is getting pushed back to (tentatively) February 2014.

There are a few reasons for this, but the most exciting is I’ve signed on with a small imprint Dryad Books! This means that my books will now be in print as well as eBook! I now have to finish the rewrite, accept the editor’s changes, and help design a complete book cover and interior layout. And October is only three months away. So to bring you (most important of all) the best book possible I’ve decided to push back the release.

I have to say this year is a huge learning experience and my writing is changing a lot. I go back and read the first draft of the book…shake my head…and continue to re-write with greater respect to giving characters life and scenes heart.  Although I do admit I am even more excited to start on the second Verndari book Redemption. I had a rough draft of about 40,000 before getting wrapped up in Destiny’s re-write and my goal is to turn from Destiny immediately to Redemption. If everything goes well I may well bring out two books next year (smiles like a fool).

Here’s to hard decisions and better characters!

Thanks for the read.


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